An Open Letter To Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, and Dominos

Dear Papa Johns, Pizza Hut and Dominos,

Ordered a pizza for delivery a while back and noticed a $2 delivery charge was tacked on to the bill. When asked, the driver informed me that this delivery charge doesn’t go to him; it goes to corporate.

What confutes me is why? That is, why did you guys start screwing over not only your customers, but your employees? To date, I’ve written letters to you dorks, in what I now realize is a vain effort to find out just what in blazes this $2 delivery charge is paying for.  So far, I haven’t gotten a reply. Therefore, I must assume the worst: that you assholes don’t care who you fuck over as long as it makes you a couple of extra bucks. I mean…why else would you charge people for the privilege of getting their pie delivered while simultaneously taking money out of your drivers’ pockets?

Think about it. Many people feel that since they had to pay your dumb-assed delivery charge, that they aren’t obligated as a matter of conscience to tip the driver. Others who get delivery still tip their drivers, but since they now have to pay a delivery charge, they can’t tip the driver as generously, because $2 of their tip is going to corporate. If that weren’t enough to send me into orbit, what about those good customers who don’t want to stiff their driver for the tip and don’t want to give you greedy douchebags the money which should go to the driver? Their only alternative is to boycott you sons-of-bitches or order carryout only, which as you know, takes even more money out of the driver’s pocket.

Not that you greedy-assed fuckers give a good shit.

So anyway, fuck you very much assholes.




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